The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Holiday Returns

Posted by Karen Fitzgerald on November 28, 2017

This year, holiday e-commerce spending is expected to break through $100 billion in the U.S. making it the largest online shopping season ever - but it will also be the largest return year ever. As big investments are made in marketing and promotion to drive holiday sales, don't forget about the importance of returns.

A New Ebook: How to Win Holiday E-commerce with Online Returns

Returns don't have to be a source of holiday stress or a loss in your books. Instead, they can become a competitive advantage that improves shopper loyalty and generates new online revenue for your business. To help merchants better position themselves for success during the holiday season, Returnly and Shopify Plus have teamed up to publish a new eBook: How to Win Holiday E-commerce with Online Returns

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What's Included in the Holiday Ebook?

The eBook includes actionable tips, insights, and customer stories to help every Shopify Plus merchant fully leverage their platform to win holiday e-commerce with better online returns. Not using Shopify Plus for your e-commerce platform? Not a problem. This eBook is full of strategic ideas to help you build a brand around great post-purchase experiences. 

In this eBook you'll discover:

  • Holiday returns volume & predictions
  • Merchant stories from THINX, Marine Layer, and Maverick by Logan Paul
  • A/B testing shopper refund results
  • How to boost post-holiday sales
  • Cost saving tips for support, shipping & warehousing

Why Now?

With online holiday sales expected to hit record highs of $107 billion and one-third of online orders resulting in returns, this year presents the perfect opportunity to improve your online returns and turn what used to be a sunken cost into a powerful new marketing tool and revenue generating opportunity. 


Topics: Management & Operations, Repurchasing & Revenue