Customer Spotlight: United by Blue Proves The Power of Business Can Do Good

Posted by Ray Kelly on March 26, 2020

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Turning the tides on ocean waste, one product, one pound at a time

3, 221, 893. Remember that number. It’s important, meaningful, and inspiring. And it’s core to the reason we’re featuring United by Blue in this installment of The Forward.

United by Blue is a for-profit sustainable outdoor apparel and accessories brand that believes in the power of business to do good — and they’re on a mission to remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every product they sell. At the time this spotlight was published, they’ve removed 3, 221, 893 pounds of trash. See what we meant by that number being meaningful?

In addition to what United by Blue is taking out of the ocean, their commitment to making a tangible impact on the world is reflected in the products they sell. Created with sustainably-sourced materials and built to last, we also find their commitment to the conscious consumer impressive.

A few things we want to recognize for a job well done.

1. Demonstrating a commitment to change

Publicly displaying their pledge and 12-month phased plan to quit using single-use plastics as a company. #QuitSigleUse

“Instead of donating money, we’re out there getting our hands dirty, and creating community activism for change.”

Brian Linton, Founder & CEO, United by Blue

United by Blue #QuiteSingleUse Pledge


2. Leading by example: Burlington Island Cleanup

Planning and completing a 2-week, high-yield cleanup of Burlington Island on the Delaware River resulting in the removal of 96,100 pounds of trash. Check out the documentary below. Impressive!


3. Inspiring others to take action

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 2.14.31 PM

Living on prime real estate in their online storefront, just under the “Free Shipping on all orders $50” is their call to action to GET INVOLVED. Site visitors can easily sign up to join: #OptOutside, a cleanup, Store Events & Workshops, and #QuitSigleUse.


4. Building products that last

With a commitment to using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices, United by Blue designs products that facilitates new ways to generate less waste. We’re big fans of their EveryDay Reusables(™) line!

United by Blue: Everyday Reusables Line


“I believe that every individual has the power to make real change. And it’s these small ripples that can turn the tide for our oceans -- and ultimately make change for the next generation.”

Mike Cangi, Co-Founder & Brand Director, United by Blue

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