March 2020 Roundup: A List of DTC Thought Leadership Content Too Good Not To Share

Posted by Ray Kelly on March 17, 2020

In recent days, I’ve noticed a significant increase in my friends, family, and professional colleagues sharing lists — recommended books, games, music, poems, podcasts — and of course, binge-worthy television shows and movies. These lists have been a true gift for those of us looking for a sense of connectedness, calm, and normalcy in an otherwise strange time. 

And so, in the spirit of paying it forward, here’s a list of content from thought leaders throughout the DTC space we'd like to share with you. Enjoy!

Retailers Get Hip to Recommerce: Why this Trend is Here to Stay
By Erik Morton, CommerceHub

Learn about today’s conscious consumers' desire to break free of fashion’s traditional seasonal cycle and access products from high-quality brands at lower prices.

What is Influencer Marketing? The Complete Guide.
By Shane Barker on Medium, The Startup.

Explore a highly-effective approach to expanding reach, creating brand awareness, reinforcing customer loyalty, and driving conversions. 

What’s Next? A Small Business Vision for 2020
By Rieva Lesonsky on

Hard to believe we’re three months into 2020, no? Here’s an interesting look back at the predictions shared by business leaders entrepreneurs, and thought leaders way back then. 

Fashion has a waste problem. These companies want to fix it.
By Rachel Cernansky on

Excess fabric and unsold inventory pile up every year, and fashion brands can no longer keep it secret.
See how companies like Optoro are using AI and machine-learning software to deal with unsold goods.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Online Store to Boost Conversion, Increase Retention and Build Loyalty
By Route

From design, returns and exchanges, checkout, customer feedback and more — a great article filled with sound strategies.

What Does Technology Mean to a Luxury Brand in a DTC World?
By Alexandra Pastore

A look at how technology is being used to more effectively leverage behavioral and triggered e-mails to create more personalized customer experiences for Rag & Bone.