Building a Partner Ecosystem for Online Returns

Posted by Lisa Lawson on September 22, 2017

At Returnly, we are deeply invested in providing merchants with the solutions and expertise to build best-in-class online shopping experiences. We've been scaling this strategy by building a network of solutions partners and e-commerce experts armed with the holistic expertise to help customers reach that goal.

So what exactly is the Returnly ecosystem and how can it help your online business?

A Network of Best-in-Breed Partners

The Returnly Solutions Partner Program has been created to help our partners provide customers with the highest level of returns management consulting, design and development. To make this possible, each partner receives resources, training, and certification from the Returnly team. By building a network of post-purchase experts, our customers have access to the best available resources to turn their online returns into a competitive advantage.

We’re proud to be working with partners like BVAccel, Demac Media, Spiegel Design Group, DemandPDX and more to make this possible.

If you’re an e-commerce agency, systems integrator or consultancy and you are interested in becoming a certified Returnly Solutions Partner, reach out to our partnerships team here. 

Seamless E-commerce Integrations

At Returnly, we are hyper-focused on building relationships and out-of-the-box integrations with the technologies and platforms that our customers use to run their business. This includes Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce, and Spree Commerce, as well as logistics carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

The result is a faster, more seamless returns integration experience so merchants can focus on what matters most -- growing their business.

Maximizing Investment with the Returnly API

An integral piece of the Returnly ecosystem is our Easy Rest API. The Returnly API makes it possible for developers to seamlessly receive and pass up-to-date returns and refunds data into first and third-party platforms. By leveraging the returns and refunds API, our customers can maximize their Returnly investment, optimize returns and merchandise strategies, manage inventory predictability and take action on their data. 

We are continuing to invest in the Returnly API and our developer ecosystem so our customers can tap into the full power of our platform. For more information and customer use cases, check out our full API documentation here:

What's Next?

With every partnership and integration we invest in, we have one goal in mind: give our customers access to the best solutions, technology, or expertise possible. We’ll continue to build and grow the Returnly ecosystem to find new and innovative ways to help merchants win the product returns experience and grow their online business.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the months to come!

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