Building a Better Online Returns Experience

Posted by Eduardo Vilar on July 26, 2017

Online returns have been largely overlooked. Since the start of e-commerce, the online returns experience has looked something like this:

•  Shopper gets the product and doesn’t like it
•  They get their label and send it back
•  The carrier drops the product off at the warehouse
•  A warehouse employee looks in the box and makes sure the item is present and re-sellable
•  The refund is then processed and the shopper gets their money back

Slow Refunds Kill Shopper Loyalty

Since the order refund is tied to the returns process, this all takes an average of 21 business days before the shopper gets their money back or an exchanged item in hand. We can all agree that this is not a great customer experience. Not to mention there are countless missed opportunities to re-engage and delight shoppers throughout this post-purchase experience.

Why Not Refund the Shopper Before the Return is Processed?

Merchants can't trust that their shoppers will make the return or that the item will be re-sellable if they do. At Returnly, we're separating the order refund from returns processing so merchants can issue instant credit on the spot without any risk. This empowers our customers to offer a better shopper experience turning returners into hyper-loyal shoppers and lost sales into repurchases. 

Leveraging Better Online Returns to Create a Competitive Advantage

Since starting Returnly, we've been lucky enough to work with hundreds of companies who have embraced this approach and seen great success. Many of these success stories are probably brands you recognize and love, such as Fanatics, Marine Layer, and Kith. Along the way, we’ve also benefited from an amazing community of partners and agencies who are passionate about building best-in-class online shopping experiences.

We’re still in the early stages of the frictionless product returns experience we envisioned when founding Returnly, but as we continue to evolve and learn, we promise to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Topics: Customer Experience, Repurchasing & Revenue

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