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Ray is a writer and content strategist who enjoys using words and stories to inspire, motivate, and inform.

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COVID-19 Considerations For Your Return Policy

With the threat COVID-19 poses to the entire nation, life is changing before our eyes. Between mandatory work from home, social distancing, and the closing of all non-essential businesses, one thing is ...

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Customer Spotlight: United by Blue Proves The Power of Business Can Do Good

The Forward: A series celebrating DTC brands that inspire Every day we're inspired by DTC brands with a vision, on a mission, doing their thing. This inspiration is a gift — one we want to pay forward by ...

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March 2020 Roundup: A List of DTC Thought Leadership Content Too Good Not To Share

In recent days, I’ve noticed a significant increase in my friends, family, and professional colleagues sharing lists — recommended books, games, music, poems, podcasts — and of course, binge-worthy television ...

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Returnly Q1 Highlights Include Adweek Award for Best Returns Solution

Image credit: Adweek, Article: 31 Standout Brands Whose Resilience in the Face of Challenges Inspired Innovation To say this year has gotten off to an exciting start here at Returnly would be an ...

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Bloomberg Interviews Returnly’s CEO: Using tech to exceed modern shoppers’ instant expectations

As part of the ongoing series, Retail Transformed, Bloomberg Technology host Taylor Riggs, sat down with Returnly CEO, Eduardo Vilar, to discuss how tech can help with the returns process. During the ...

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Four strategies DTC brands must revisit to succeed without Amazon

If you run a direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce operation, you’ll inevitably ask yourself, “Do I need to sell on Amazon?” And why wouldn’t you? Amazon is a huge player—but they’re certainly not the only ...

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7 tips to help you prepare for holiday ecommerce returns—and meet shopper expectations

O.k., I admit it—when it comes to holiday shopping, I’m the worst. While I do love giving gifts, making thoughtful, well-planned purchasing decisions is just not my thing. Sadly, what I am exceptionally ...

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Fintech to the rescue: Expand globally. Deliver simplified, localized return experiences.

Let’s face it, most of us have certain expectations when it comes to shopping online. We want easy-to-navigate, engaging, and transparent experiences. From browsing inventory, customizing orders, and ...

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